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Steel filing cabinet: It is a cabinet made of cold-rolled steel plate through a complete set of precise manufacturing processes. It is mainly used for placing, documents, materials, and various archive items.

Types of metal cabinets: can be divided into file cabinets, file cabinets, lockers, shoe cabinets and various storage cabinets.


The main tools for manufacturing steel filing cabinets: Shears, folding machines, punches, acid and alkali pools, welding machines, electrostatic spraying machines. Raw materials: cold rolled sheet, electrostatic spraying powder.

Auxiliary accessories: key, door handle, door activity page, activity foot (available from the manufacturer)

Cabinet technology:

1: Use a shearing machine to cut the cold-rolled steel sheet into different sizes as required. According to different filing cabinet products and different filing cabinet locations (such as door panels, side panels, upper roof, bottom plates, partitions, back panels), the size and style of the cut iron plates are also different.

2: Use a punch to corner the cut iron plate. Different filing cabinet positions (such as door panels, side panels, top, bottom, and partitions) have different cornering styles. There are special moulds for chamfering. Large factories are generally line-operated.

3: Bend the iron plate with a good angle and use a bending machine to bend it into different bends according to the position of the filing cabinet.

4: After folding the side plate, upper top, middle plate, bottom plate, back plate, slide rail, partition beam, etc. of the filing cabinet, spot welding with a spotless spot welder is used, and the surface of the spot welded product is flat. Grinding, without putting putty, produces different products according to different filing cabinet styles. At this point, the entire filing cabinet is ready.

5: Pickle and phosphatize the spot-welded overall file cabinet, and remove the grease and rust on the surface of the iron plate.


6: Put the cleaned file cabinet in the plastic spraying workshop for electrostatic powder spraying. The produced product has no pungent odor and is green. The color of the filing cabinet is generally gray and white. The powder used by various manufacturers is different, and generally there is some color difference; the sprayed product must be heated at 180-200 degrees Celsius.

7: After spraying and heating, the product can be sent to the assembly workshop for assembly, and partitions, slides, drawers, doors, commissioning, etc. are installed in the assembly workshop. After assembly, the quality inspector can pack and prepare for storage after passing the inspection.

8: The packed file cabinet products are stored in the finished product warehouse according to the classification, and are ready for the warehouse.


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