Precautions When Installing Office Furniture

Precautions When Installing Office Furniture


When office furniture is configured, it is packed and transported after being disassembled, so it needs to be disassembled and installed after being transported to the office. However, these materials and accessories of office furniture are relatively heavy, and some parts are not easy to install. Let me take you to understand these matters that should be paid attention to during the installation of office furniture:

First, check whether the office site has installation conditions. When the size of the office is not fully equipped with the installation conditions, you should find an office space that can be installed for installation. Of course, this is relatively rare. Generally, the office space has been measured on the spot when you buy office furniture, so this step can be ignored.

Secondly, pay attention to the maintenance site when moving office furniture (such as elevators, walls, glass doors and windows, floors, carpets, etc.), and handle it gently when transferring furniture. Wear shoe covers when entering a room with carpet floor, which can not affect the normal work of customers. Install the device according to the address specified by the customer, and contact the customer to take appropriate maintenance measures for the on-site products. After unloading the furniture, first of all, pay attention to the quantity of furniture and accessories. If there is any abnormality, contact the docking sales staff of office furniture immediately.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the plate during the installation process, and do not scratch or bump it. When installing screens, it is necessary to first recognize that the screen dimensions and accessories should be common according to the drawing dimensions. When the device is screwed, it should be leveled and firmly fixed, and there should be no missing. When installing the door panel drawer, the gap should be common. When installing conference tables and desks, do not scratch the edges and corners. Proper maintenance shall be carried out for the device to ensure it is in normal condition.

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