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Custom Steel Furniture 11 Feature Subsections

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There are many characteristics of steel furniture. Here are 11 characteristics of steel furniture

1. Widely used

Steel furniture is widely used in many industries such as office, experiment, home, fire protection, shockproof and antimagnetic. We can see him everywhere in the office, laboratory, home, airport station and archives.

2. Environmental protection, high recycling rate

Because of the material and technology, the products of steel furniture do not contain volatile chemical components such as formaldehyde, and are friendly to human body; In addition, the recycling of steel itself is simple, and the recycling rate of steel furniture is very high. There is almost no waste from the production corners to the old goods.

3. Relatively large storage space

The storage space of steel furniture is larger than that of wooden furniture, which can improve the storage of unit space by 5-10%.

4. Stronger bearing capacity

Compared with wooden furniture, the plug, three in one and other accessories. Steel furniture has strong natural bearing capacity, so it is safer to use.

5. Strong sense of Modernity

Steel furniture combined with spraying technology has a stronger sense of modernity and science and technology, which conforms to the consumption habits of modern people.

6. Higher privacy and security

Steel furniture can be used with a variety of security, fire protection, moisture-proof and anti magnetic accessories, so it has higher privacy and safety.

7. Flexible structure and shape customization

The steel has strong plasticity and can realize almost all kinds of structures and shapes. In addition, the combination of welding and various materials and processes can easily realize multi-functional customization.

8. Color customization is flexible and simple

You can choose rich and colorful colors to match different office environments, and also realize the combination of different colors and even processes on a single product to meet the needs of different consumers.

9. Long service life

The service cycle and service life are longer, and the product is still as new after 8-10 years of normal use.

10. It has multiple protection functions.

Moisture proof, fire-proof and corrosion-proof are not available for wooden furniture, which can be used in harsh environment and special environment.

11. Simple cleaning

It shall be moisture-proof, fire-proof and corrosion-proof so that the surface is easier to clean and can be wiped with organic solvent.

Custom Steel Furniture 11 Feature Subsections
There are many characteristics of steel furniture. Here are 11 characteristics of steel furniture
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