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How to Choose a Rack?

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Shelves are devices that are available in many venues and are very convenient to use. How to choose a rack

1. Sturdiness:

Whether the base of the shelf is firm, and whether it is easy to shake when pushing and pulling.

2. Moisture resistance:

Whether the material of the shelf will not rot, deform or rust in a humid environment.

3. Bearing:

Whether the bearing capacity of the rack is good, and whether the hanging heavy objects will be deformed. The most fundamental thing about the rack is its load-bearing capacity. Buyers need to choose according to the actual weight of their storage.

Shelf Features

1. Unique structure: its unique modeling structure, smart design, easy loading and unloading, clean and bright, open design, make the storage visible at a glance.

2. Flexible and changeable: There is a groove circle every inch of the pillar, and the height can be adjusted at will.

3. Great force: each layer can carry 100-200KG.

Cleaning and maintenance of racks

1. Scrub the rack with clean water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaner, cloth or paper towel, and any acidic cleaner, polishing abrasive or detergent or soap to wipe the surface of the rack .

2. Due to the long-term residues of various detergents, shower gels, etc. on the chrome-plated surface, the surface gloss of the rack will be degraded and the surface quality will be directly affected. Please clean the surface of the shelf with a soft cloth at least once a week, preferably with a neutral detergent.

3. For stubborn dirt, surface scale film and stains that are difficult to remove, please use mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning liquid or polishing liquid without abrasive effect, etc., and then clean the rack with clean water and use Dry with a soft cotton cloth.

4. You can use a cotton cloth dampened with toothpaste and soap, wipe gently, and then rinse with water.

5. You can use wax oil with strong decontamination ability, apply it on a clean white cotton cloth, and thoroughly clean the whole product. The cycle is generally 3 months, which can prolong the life of the shelf. Remember to wipe off the water stains after each cleaning, otherwise water stains and dirt may appear on the surface of the pendant.

How to Choose a Rack?
Shelves are devices that are available in many venues and are very convenient to use. How to choose a rack
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