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Small Space Office Storage Concept

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When it comes to organising your home office space, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is making the most out of the space available to you; and when working with a smaller office, it becomes more and more difficult to get the most out of this limited space. In the following article we will share some of our top home office storage ideas and tips to help you to maximise your space.

1. Hiding Clutter

With the wide variety of different pieces of equipment found in most offices; from stacks of files, documents and paper, to pieces of stationery, to desktop computers and more, a home office can easily become very cluttered over time; which can limit the space available to you. One way to prevent this, is to ensure that your clutter doesn’t encroach on your office pace by being keeping out of sight and out of mind.

With dedicated, minimalist storage cupboards, you can neatly tuck away all of your excess clutter to easily conserve space; while also making your office look sharper, too. With products like our Filing Cabinets and Office Cupboards, you can hide away clutter while enhancing the look and design of your home office space. 

2. Repurpose Drawers

Many people have a printer in their home office. Depending on how your printer is set up in the office layout, the printer can be very clumsy and bulky, and can take up a lot of unnecessary space in your office. The spacious top surface of the office drawer file cabinet is a good place to store and display various items, and you can easily place personal items or printers.

3. Keep Office Storage Flexible

Use the drawer type mobile file cabinet to easily access paperwork and office supplies. This file cabinet was designed with style and versatility in mind, providing a practical storage solution that can be used in almost any space. The document drawer opens on a smooth, fully extended ball-bearing slide rail, allowing you to easily take out letter-sized documents, while the box drawer is an ideal place to store smaller items such as pens, pencils, and notepads. Drawer filing cabinets with rolling casters move freely throughout your work space to achieve flexible and safe positioning.Our storage boxes on wheels ensure you have an easy way to move your items around the office when needed!

4. Save Space with Office Desks

For a clutter-free office space, you could always be on the lookout for a more streamlined office desk with space saving drawers and other useful features. Or if you’re looking to better optimise a tighter office space, you could opt for a bespoke shaped desk, to better fit the layout of the room; perhaps a cantilevered (wall-mounted) one, or a corner desk. An office desk that better fits the layout of the room is an effective way to being more economical with your office space.

5. Create Space with Office Accessories

A final way you can create more space in your office, is to make use of space-saving office accessories. For example, with products like computer screen mounts, you can double the amount of space you have on your desks by freeing up the space that would be taken up by your computer, and with things like giant cork boards, you can have a novel way of storing important pieces of paper like files and documents, without creating clutter and losing space.

That concludes this short blog article on how some of the different ways that you can save space in your home office. There are a variety of office furniture pieces, accessories and ideas out there that you can use to make your office a much more organised and ergonomic space to study in. You can also view our range of Office Storage products here.

Small Space Office Storage Concept
When it comes to organising your home office space, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is making the most out of the space available to you; and when working with a smaller office, it becomes more
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