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Assembling Processes of the Knock-down File Cabinet

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Dismounting file cabinet is a kind of cabinet which possess the characters of adjustablility and easy knock-down.We should learn how to assemble it when using it,which is helpful to you at the process of using it later.As long as you learn how to dismount it,you can make the most use of it and possess it virtually.The tips will share the assembling processes of the knock-down file cabinet.

1. Firstly we should gear with the structure,find out back plate and side plate,use some fittings to fix one back plate and two side plates to make ways for the later work.Attention to the vigor and flatness when assembling the parts such as the screws to avoid any wrong things and sliding wire.

2. Find out waistline,top plate,base plate then assemble and fix them  in proper order.We had better not change the order of the assembling because it is the most proper order and concerns the overall stability,equally the screws must have the flatness.

3. Find out the door frame of the front side and link it with the side plates and back plate.It needn’t parts to link them during the process.The way that they connect with each other is to tick off each other by card slot.Just to find the card slot and put the card.After finishing the assembling,we need to check the open and close of the door to see if there are anything wrong when opening and closing the door.

4. We should clasify the parts before we assemble the cabinet,contrast the information card and see if the number of the parts and the sites of them are correct or not.Meanwhile,we should check the integrity of the parts,the integrity is very important and we will bring the dangerous of the safety and quality if we don’t check the integrity of the parts.We should see whether the surface of the main configuration steel has the problem of paint, margin, sag, etc first,then it comes to undertaking the integrity of the fittings, to see whether the accessories have gaps, deformation, and so on.We can go on the next step after we confirm the above things.

5. The last step is to assemble the inner dummy plate.We should find out the parts used to assemble the dummy plate and confirm the nmber and integrity.Then set the hight of the dummy plate according to the actural conditions.Use snap joint to fix it.At present we finish the whole process of the dismounting of the file cabinet.

Assembling Processes of the Knock-down File Cabinet
Dismounting file cabinet is a kind of cabinet which possess the characters of ad
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